• About Us...

    Tziudim offers it's customers a vast variety of equipment for the food industry, Resturants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Fast food buffet, Ice Cream, Pizzerias and more...

    A wide range of kitchenware from the world's leading manufacturers

    "Quality and Service above all"

    Tziudim also distributes food machines to various institutions 

    Tziudim distributes equipment of the best brands in the firld of kitchenware around the world.

    Tziudim is characterized by uncompromising quality service

    Seeing the service as a main and central issue allows us to allow you to recieve a fast and efficient service with variety of licensed technitians who provide the service in the shortest possible time

    Tziudim focuses on continuos improvment of products and working with leading suppliers in the institutional market.

    Our Advantages...

    Advice and professional planning for your kitchen

    Help in choosing the right equipment for your business 

    Guidance on how to match the regulations of the Ministry of Health

    Training for kitchen staff on proper use of purchased equipmnet

    Staying with you after prurchase 

    Emergency service

    Telephone service and availability 6 days a week until 10 pm

    Help in maintenance and ongoing operation of the equipment

    Instructions and tips for operating the products and how to extend thei lifespan

    Full and comprehensive response from the purchase stage in the installation and operation and ongoing maintenance of the product